Meet Massy



M.A.P ( Medical Aesthetician Provider ) and Skin Care Therapist is one of the most sought after skin care professionals in Southern California. She has combined her years of clinical study with state of the art equipment and technique to give you age defying results.

Throughout her travels to Europe, she has acquired the knowledge of hands on healing and brings you expert skin care, she uses the European protocols and other methods to reduce scars and stretch marks.

Each service she provides is uniquely customized to your type of skin. She uses Dr. Fathi Fam’s Biomani products, which are all highly regarded by the medical field as some of the most effective skincare products that will lift, firm and regenerate your skin as well as customized oils & creams with the state-of-the-art ingredients . Depending on the skin analysis, Guinot Paris, is used which is a focused approach to treating the skin with the now legendary Hydradermie treatment.

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Massy welcomes you to come and receive the gift we all deserve.  


How you treat your skin today affects the skin you will have at least ten years in the future. The professionals at Botanica Skin Care will not only help you look better today, but also maintain a youthful appearance in the years to come. A visit to Botanica Skin Care is not simply a relaxing experience: it is an investment in the continued health and well-being of your skin.